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    The Torajo are an indigenous group of people that live in Indonesia. For them a funeral is a celebration. There are no tears shed, rather it’s like a going away party. The Torajo work extremely hard to accumulate wealth during their lives. This money then goes to the funeral ceremony. 

    The funeral ceremony could be held weeks or even months after someone has died. A body is not buried until all the funds have been raised. Until the funeral ceremony is held, the deceased person is not considered dead but rather ill or asleep. They are embalmed and stored in the same house as their family until the ceremony. 

    The ceremony begins when pigs & buffalo’s are slaughtered because it’s believed the spirit of the dead will live peacefully after. The body is buried on the 11th day. 


    Every year in August, a ritual called Ma’Nene (The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses) takes place in which the bodies of the deceased are exhumed to be washed, groomed and dressed in new clothes. The mummies are then walked around the village by following a path of straight lines. 

    Following these straight lines is maybe the most important part of the ceremony. According to the myth, these lines are connected with a spiritual entity with supernatural power. As this entity only move in straight lines, the soul of the deceased body must follow the same path.


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    How to tape up your hands before a fight

    Useful reference?

    Let’s go beat someone up! But no seriously, does this prevent pain or something ? What do these bandages actually serve ? 

    It keeps your bones aligned to prevent injury, compresses soft tissue to make the fist more rigid, and pads the knuckles. Skull bones are sturdier than hand bones, and even if you know what you’re doing there’s a high risk of damaging your metacarpals if you punch someone barehanded. It’s why they recommend if you find yourself in a fight unprepared to bunt their nose with the butt of your palm, because if the other person tucks their head and you end up hitting their forehead instead it’ll do a lot less damage to your palm than your knuckles.

    Tumblr teach’n you how to fucks someone’s shit up.

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    holy shit. 

    this is on a whole new level of patience

    This is natural art.

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    Thought it would be fun to draw the hands of my OCs! It was fun to try and show a bit of their personality/ backstory through their hands HEH

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    get a room 

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    So I follow my aunties on pintrest for like sharing recipes and stuff but today one of them posted this gif:


    and they’re all commenting like “the perfect man” and “what all women want ;)” and stuff like that

    And I’m over here laughing my ass off because that’s gay porn star, Austin Wolf. This gif is from a gay porno. Like, literally 5 seconds after this moment, he has a cock in his mouth.

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    omg these two (x/x)

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    I like these guys, so ive been doodling them a bunch

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  13. then and now (◡‿◡✿) 

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    The Winter Bunny goes underground. He’s a ghost!

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    RT Recap: Love letters [x]

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